Your Digital Magazine With The Right Feel.

Your magazine is a curated experience of articles and images, intentially created in a percise order to represent your company. With a PDF, you loose all of that. Simplebooklet turns your magazine into a memorable digital experience, across social media, in email, on your site, and all from its very own branded weblink.

Put Your Magazine Online In Under 3 Minutes



Upload the PDF version of your menu you take to the printer.



Customize the menu landing page with your own restaurant logo, background and weblink.



Start sharing your menu on social media, get the embed code to add to your website, and add it to your google maps listing.

Your Magazine, The Way It’s Meant To Be

Magazines are excellent companions; think beach holidays, financial advice, and a trip to the Doctors office. We've all had the experience of choosing a glossy magazine from a newsstand. Which one do you pick? First impressions matter here. You might have a fantastic article on page 53, but no one will know if they don't flip long enough to see it.

Just like a newsstand, magazines also need to stand out in the digital world. It will not if you share it as a PDF, but it can with Simplebooklet.

Calls To Action That Work

A magazine on Simplebooklet has calls to action right on the page. Activate your email address so a reader can send a letter to the editor. Even provide links to other useful resources from your magazine for additional reading.

Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime

Your readership is everywhere; so go where they hang-out online. Your Simplebooklet magazine can be posted to social networks, embedded on blogs and websites, shared in email, and even installed as an app on your mobile phone. Print out a QR code so your readers can open it on the go. Let them install your magazine as a native app on their phone’s homescreen for offline access with a single click (great for the Airplane).

Each Simplebooklet magazine has its own dedicated, branded weblink, making it incredibly easy to share and distribute across hundreds of web channels. You can even customize the web link with your brand and domain, building the trust your readers need to trust your articles.

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