A Better Way To Share Your Presentation Online

Everyone knows your presentation is much more then your slide deck. Keep your presentation valuable long after you've left the boardroom. Simplebooklet turns your slides into a memorable digital experience, across social media, in email, on your site, and all from its very own branded weblink.

Put Your Presentation Online In Under 3 Minutes



Upload the PDF version of your menu you take to the printer.



Customize the menu landing page with your own restaurant logo, background and weblink.



Start sharing your menu on social media, get the embed code to add to your website, and add it to your google maps listing.

Your Presentation, The Way It’s Meant To Be

You've worked hard on your presentation and now you are ready to deliver. The slides as we know are only half the story when it comes to presenting. You are the other half; your comments and inputs are what brings the content to life.

We forget how much influence we have in the presentation of our slides when we're standing at the front of a boardroom or on a stage. You need to make sure your slides are also presented in a way to influence your online audience.

We've all, without putting too much thought into it, shared our presentations with others as either an email attachment or from the google supplied weblink. Stop it. You are short changing your presentation and giving your online audience a negative experience viewing all your hard work.

Put yourself back in the boardroom and back in the presentation.

Calls To Action That Work

A presentation on Simplebooklet has calls to action right on the page. Activate your email address so a viewer can send their question right away. Even provide links to other useful resources from your presentation for additional information.

Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime

Your viewers are everywhere online, so go where they are. Your Simplebooklet presentation can be posted to social networks, embedded on blogs and websites, shared in email, and even installed as an app on your mobile phone. Let your viewers install your presentation as a native app on their phone’s homescreen for offline access with a single click (no browsers to open).

Each Simplebooklet presentation has its own dedicated, branded weblink, making it incredibly easy to share and distribute across hundreds of web channels. You can even customize the web link with your brand and domain.

So much better than sharing a PDF of your presentation

  • Say what you mean by recording yourself explaining each slide

  • Keep an eye on who opens your presentation with tracking

  • Share unique weblink that uses your own custom domain

  • PDFs are large files and can be difficult to send as email attachments or download.

  • No one likes to open an attachment in an email or a download for fear of a virus

  • PDF viewers display your pages in a flat, generic, boring presentation

  • Add a mailchimp signup form so they are part of your mailing list

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