Simplebooklet's the only online publishing platform to
make your PDF brochure flip like a real trifold online.

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Make your PDF brochure flip like a real trifold online.

patent pending

See how amazing an interactive trifold brochure can be!

When you share a PDF brochure online using Simplebooklet, your interactive brochure flips the way it's meant to flip, across all the devices your customers love.

A digital brochure people love to flip.

Sharing your brochure as a flat, uninspired, and hard to access PDF file doesn't do it justice. When you publish your brochure online using Simplebooklet, it flips the way it was meant to flip, on the devices your customers prefer and in the places they go online.

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Another 2,334 organizations signed up last week.

Plans start as low as $3.50 a month.

Better virtual brochures.

Our platform takes the print version of your trifold and makes it work online, true to the experience of the original brochure. No other platform can do this.

Make an impact.

A professional and authentic engagement through your brochure. Customize with your logo, domain, and background, to build trust and confidence in your content. Then add calls to action so your brochure drives customer leads in realtime.

Share anywhere.

Your Simplebooklet brochure can be post to social networks, sent in email, embedded on your website, and shared everywhere from a branded link. Works on any modern browser on any device.

Works with all your favorite formats.

Share multiple brochures from a single link.

With collections, you can make your very own curated page of brochures, flyers, catalogs, and more all available from a single, branded weblink.