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Live Events

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the description...

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What are they?

Live Events are when students gather online synchronously (at a specific time) for a specific purpose.



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Where are they?

Each Live Event is conducted on Google Hangout. It is a tool that comes with your school Google Account.


As a participant, you are responsible for making sure you can connect. It is HIGHLY recommended that you test your system prior to your first event.

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the structure...

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There are 3 types of Live Events...


Guest Speaker Presentations




Art Critiques

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The details...


There is a calendar of events Each is event is located at a specific link online They never last more than 1 hour They are interactive - active participation is required No prep is necessary

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the requirements...

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How many should I plan to attend?

Language Arts = 4 Events


Health  = 3 Events


Art = 2 Critiques

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the grade...

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What if nothing fits my schedule?


Contact Ms. A!!