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Impress your customers with marketing content that comes alive. From a dedicated, branded weblink, your Simplebooklet can reach your customers across social networks, email, websites, and more.

A Better Experience for Online Marketing and Communications


Upload your PDF, Document, Presentation, or Canva Design and we'll automagically transform it into a Simplebooklet.

Auto Linking

We'll automatically activate existing links like websites, phone numbers and emails in your new Simplebooklet.

Engaging Media

Enhance your pages with videos, images, slideshows animations, and captions that you just can't do in print.

Build your brand with PRO

Build trust and confidence in your content that only your brand can achieve. With a PRO plan, you'll have the tools to put your brand front and center, the settings to manage access to your content, and the distribution tools to reach your customers where they hang out online.

Go Pro

Go further with Business

Make Simplebooklet an integral part of your business. With features that let you sell your content, track per page activity and even send push notification. Your entire team is empowered with unlimited team accounts included with your subscription that allows for individual and collaborative content creation and distribution.

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Start Free

Includes one Simplebooklet and these great features:

Unique Weblink

Convert PDFs, Docs, Presentations and more into a microsite with its own dedicated weblink.


Publish your Simplebooklet on social networks, send in email, embed in your website, and more.

Make It Your Own

Customize your presentation with page flip transitions, backgrounds, and outreach tools.

Pro Plan Includes

Everything in a free plan, plus:

Custom Domain

Add your own custom domain to your booklet weblink and share from your trusted brand.

Multiple Booklets

Start with 3 Simplebooklets and add more as you need.


Manage access to your booklet with passwords and hide from search engines.

Multiple Collections

Curate all your Simplebooklets in dedicated collection web page for easy presentation.


Use your own logo and domain so customer's know your content can be trusted.

Interactive Links

Add calls to action with buttons, hyperlinks, slideshows, and more.

Page Narration

Add video and audio narration to your booklet presentation with per page narration.

Business Plan Includes

Everything in PRO, starting with 200 Simplebooklets, plus:

Team Accounts

Unlimited additional accounts for your team to collaborate and publish Simplebooklets.

Sell Your Booklet

Add a payment gateway and charge a fee for your Simplebooklet at any point in your booklet.

Per Page Analytics

Get detailed stats on each page's views and clicks, over your own set timeline.

Analytics Reporting

Schedule email analytics reporting to any stakeholders, coworkers, and customers.

Custom forms

Add a custom form to your Simplebooklet page and send the results to multiple recipients.

Push Notifications

Let customer's know about updates anytime with push notifications which reach customers even if they don't have your booklet open.

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No IT or hosting required, we've got you covered.